My Five Year Plan

I recently watched a YouTube video on Five Year Plans by Hannah Witton and it got me thinking about the plans that I made for this year and how they relate to where I want to be in five years time. So I decided to elaborate on my plan and share it with you in case a) it’s of interest to you and b) hopefully having it easily available on my blog will make me more likely to pursue it!

I first started by plotting everything I wanted to do on a timeline of five years in a table.

As you can see, I broke my goals down into ‘personal’, ‘career’, ‘financial’, ‘home’ and ‘fun’. I then created a table where I looked at these five categories under the headings of ‘In Five Years’ (where do I want to be), ‘What That Requires’ (what I need to do to achieve this) and ‘First Steps for 2020’ (what I can do this year to set the wheels in motion). With that in mind, I will now explain what I have planned! Thiswill look as follows: In Five Years -> What That Requires -> First Steps for 2020


  • Meditate regularly -> Good motivation -> Meditate 5 times a week for five minutes
  • Exercise regularly & maybe run a marathon -> Good general fitness -> Do Couch to 5k, make healthy snack choices, master IBS symptoms, start attending a yoga class
  • Be a better mummy to my guinea pigs -> Get them out regularly, health check weekly, take them to the vets once a year for a check up -> Get them out 5 times a week, do a weekly health check, book check up appointment at vets


  • Get more involved in Bookstagram (maybe get a sponsor or free books) & translate one book -> Regular instagram posts on books, reach out to publishers -> Post about all the books I’m reading, make new, relevant connections on LinkedIn
  • Move towards working more with direct clients than agencies -> Good connections with direct clients & good marketing -> Write 50 blogposts this year, work with 5 direct clients, work with 5 new agencies, make new, relevant connections on LinkedIn
  • Start YouTube channel -> Find something relevant to say -> Brainstorm some ideas for a YouTube channel, maintain marketing to improve following
  • Expand Translators in Norfolk -> Regular meetings -> Organise February meeting
  • Go to Germany to do a C2 course -> Improve my German -> Do 10 minutes of Duolingo daily, complete the German course on Deutsche Welle by doing one hour a week
  • Public service intepreting course for Arabic -> Improve my Arabic -> one hour of Arabic CPD a week to complete Al-Kitaab 1, have fortnightly Arabic speaking chats with my Moroccan friend
  • Become a CIOL chartered linguist -> Five years as a translator -> Check requirements for CIOL chartered linguist status, regularly do CPD, attend conferences and courses


  • Pay off my overdraft -> Stick to budget and regularly pay money to it -> Stick to monthly budget
  • Earn 30k/year -> Earn more money -> Improve earnings, by doing everything in my career goals


  • Move house, preferably somewhere I can have a separate office space -> Pay off overdraft & earn more money -> See financial goals above


  • Read 65 books a year -> Regularly make time for reading -> Spend one hour at the weekend on hobbies, read 45 books this year
  • Get more engagement on this blog -> Regular blogposts -> Write 12 blogposts this year
  • More time on hobbies -> Make time for hobbies, join a choir, audition for amateur theatre shows, practice piano -> Spend one hour at the weekend on hobbies, look up choirs, regularly check audition notices
  • Travel! Interrailing, revisit Morocco, visit new countries -> Money & time -> Earn more money! Organise time well so I can take holidays

So there we have it! While that seems like a lot of goals, I feel more confident about my ability to complete them now I have a plan in place! Obviously this is flexible and if things change then the plan will change too!

How do you like to plan for your future? Do you do new years resolutions, a five year plan or just see where life takes you? Let me know in the comments or chat to me on social media!

Published by verityroat

Verity Roat BA CANTAB MA TRANSLATION CIOL Career Associate is a UK-based Arabic and French > English translator, Copy-writer, Copy-editor, Transcriber, Role-player & Tutor.

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