2021 New Years Resolutions

It’s a new year and time to set some goals again. While this year doesn’t necessarily feel as fresh and hopeful, because we are still in a pandemic and my country is still in a semi-lockdown, I still thought it would be helpful to set some goals for how I want the year to go.Continue reading “2021 New Years Resolutions”


Review of 2020 New Years Resolutions

I like setting New Years Resolutions. I don’t necessarily hold myself strictly to them, but they give me an idea of what I would like to achieve for the year ahead. Before I set this year’s goals, I’d like to address how I did in 2020. 1. Read 45 books (I normally aim for 50,Continue reading “Review of 2020 New Years Resolutions”

Period Power: Book Review

I’m a little late to the game and it took me a whole month to read and digest, but I finally read Period Power by Maisie Hill and I was not disappointed. My initial reaction was to give it five stars, but upon reflection (and reading some of the one star reviews on good reads),Continue reading “Period Power: Book Review”

Best crime thriller series available now

You might be getting a bit sick and tired of lockdown by now and be looking for new things to divert your time. I know I am! I have to admit I’ve been letting my reading habit slip a bit this month in favour of nights tucked up on the sofa with my husband watchingContinue reading “Best crime thriller series available now”

Low FODMAP Meal Plan

As detailed in my last blog, IBS/Mental Health Update, my IBS has been a lot better than it was this time last year, but, because of COVID-19, I feel that I have taken a little step back in terms of improving the symptoms. This is especially because my tests and further appointments with consultants haveContinue reading “Low FODMAP Meal Plan”

IBS/Mental Health Update

Hi all! I hope that lockdown/quarantine is treating you okay. Personally, it was pretty smooth sailing to begin with, but this last week I have found tougher. I think it’s partially the weather. I have also noticed a dip in my IBS/mental health this week, leading to me taking half the week off. So IContinue reading “IBS/Mental Health Update”

My IBS Journey

This week, I thought I’d talk you through my history with a chronic syndrome: IBS. My original idea for a tagline for this blog was ‘Books and Bowels’, because I love reading and literature, and I have been reading more blogs about people’s experiences with IBS, due to a very bad flare-up last year intoContinue reading “My IBS Journey”