2021 New Years Resolutions

It’s a new year and time to set some goals again. While this year doesn’t necessarily feel as fresh and hopeful, because we are still in a pandemic and my country is still in a semi-lockdown, I still thought it would be helpful to set some goals for how I want the year to go. I’ve had to tweak them a couple of times to make them ‘COVID friendly’, but I’m hopeful that I can still achieve them!

1. Finish crochet blanket
I have been working on a crochet blanket for my bed for years now and I’m hoping I can finish it off in 2021!

2. Keep making good food choices
As I said it my last post, I have been making healthier food choices (in particular, replacing sugary snacks with healthy ones) and I want to continue this in the new year. That’s not to say that I won’t allow myself treats!

3. Read 50 books – read 5 books in translation
After a year of good reading in 2020, I want to keep up my reading pace this year. I’d also like to include more books in translation, because I am ashamed that as a translator I haven’t actually read that many translations!

4. Join a choir and a yoga class (when possible)
Hopefully later on in this year, classes and choirs will be able to open again. I think that joining them will be great for my depression and anxiety, as well as my physical health.

5. Travel somewhere (either in UK or abroad) (when possible)
I’d like to be able to go on a holiday somewhere other than my county at some point in 2021. I don’t care if it’s just a long weekend in the Lake District in October, it’s all dependent on COVID and my anxiety.

6. Keep getting guinea pigs out 5 times a week
Like I said in my last post, I have got into a good routine of looking after my guinea pigs well. I want to continue this in 2021.

7. Go for a walk 5 days a week
Again, I’ve done pretty well with this in 2020 and I want to continue it. I believe it’s good for both my mental and physical health!

8. Meditate each day
I’ve been managing 5-6 days a week and I want to expand to every day!

9. Keep Sundays social media free
This is something I started in late 2020, inspired by ab_reads on Instagram, and I think it’s been great for my mental health.

10. Sew something with sewing machine
My mum gave me a sewing machine in either late 2019 or early 2020 and I have yet to actually get it out and work out how to use it. Even if I only sew a cushion cover or something, I’d like to make something.

Have you set any New Years Resolutions for 2021? I know it’s going to be a tough year to predict!

Published by verityroat

Verity Roat BA CANTAB MA TRANSLATION CIOL Career Associate is a UK-based Arabic and French > English translator, Copy-writer, Copy-editor, Transcriber, Role-player & Tutor.

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