Best crime thriller series available now

You might be getting a bit sick and tired of lockdown by now and be looking for new things to divert your time. I know I am! I have to admit I’ve been letting my reading habit slip a bit this month in favour of nights tucked up on the sofa with my husband watching some seriously bingeable tv shows. The summer nights are longer, meaning it feels like you have more time to watch TV, plus it’s always a little cooler in the evening so you can curl up under a blanket with your loved one (or in different houses if you’re apart at the moment). My husband and I love a good crime series, so here are our the five best crime series available at the moment.

I cannot believe I had not heard of this series until the latest one became available on iPlayer. It is right up my alley!

Set in rural Canada, Detective John Cardinal teams up with Detective Lise Delorme to solve murders. It all starts with a native girl being found in a block of ice…

Beautiful scenery, compelling storylines and wonderful characters, this series is a solid ten out of ten. Also, I love that the male detective wasn’t necessarily your typical ‘flawed’ detective. Yes, he has some darkness in his past, but things are not what they appear and he’s actually very gentle and kind.

The Woods
Fantastic Polish adaptation of a Harlan Coben novel.

When a body is discovered and Pawel Kopinski is brought in to identify it, it brings new light and hope to two brutal murders that happened 25 years ago at summer camp and the disappearence of Pawel’s sister.

Again, another smashing storyline, fantastic scenery and cinematography and fleshed out characters. I would recommend you watch in the original Polish with English subtitles, as the dubbing is a little tacky.

A really compelling detective series with two strong female leads.

Staring Toni Collette (who I loved in the United States of Tara), this is a dramatisation of the Washington and Colorado serial rape cases in 2008-2011. Marie is a teenager charged with lying about having been raped and two female detectives are called in to find out the truth.

It was so wonderful to see two women in such strong leading roles. This story is gripping and will have you on the edge of your seat the entire way through.

The Stranger
Another Harlan Coben adaptation, this is incredibly interesting and unique with a British cast, starring the wonderful (and beautiful) Richard Armitage.

A middle aged man with a seemingly perfect life is approached by a random stranger who tells him a secret about his wife that bring the walls of their marriage crashing down. All around him, other people are being told secrets, people are dying and his wife goes missing.

Whilst the plot was a little convoluted at times, the writing was excellent and it felt like a very unique piece in this genre.

The Sinner
We watched the first series and were absolutely blown away. Unfortunately, we did feel that the subsequent series got progressively worse until my husband refused to complete the third series.

A perfectly average woman suddenly strikes out at a complete stranger and murders him in broad daylight. What secrets lie beneath for Harry Ambrose (Bill Pullman) to discover the truth about why she acted the way she did?

I was actually kind of amazed by Jessica Biel’s performance in this. While she was cast far too young, I was apprehensive when I saw she was the executive producer, as I believe, perhaps unfairly, that this often means the finished project is a bit of a love-fest for themselves when they cast themselves in the starring role. She was superb. The plot was fantastic and nuanced, the pacing was the right amount of slow and drawn out and the cinematography was superb. However, as said above, the following series did let it down a little and I’m not sure I will bother watching the fourth series that has been commissioned.

So that’s what my husband and I have been watching recently! Next up for us is Unorthodox and Marcella (plus finishing Scrubs and Buffy – blast from the past anyone?)

If you have any recommendations or just want to chat, put a message in the comments or find me on instagram:

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